Hilltown Families


Do you have you a childhood friend – someone you’ve known since you were in diapers? Impressive isn’t it…a friendship that’s endured so many changes, and the fact that it started at such a young age is remarkable. The sincerely lovely thing about young friendships is its organic and authentic nature (take that Instagram!).

In “Let Them Grow: Fresh Ways to Engage Toddlers in Creative Free Play,” Candice shares excellent tips on how to create an environment for your toddler to foster a friendships. (Once there was an article on how Cary Grant worked a room. This is not a million miles away from that!) Modeling how our actions in front of our children can bring out the ability to form meaningful friendships in our toddlers, thus nurturing them to grow as empathetic, sharing, fun and caring individuals.

20 Little Christmas Angels from Newtown, CT Were Welcomed into Heaven Tragedy happens all around us, but when it involves innocent children there are few words that can express the pain any caring person feels. This week, a shooter took the lives of 20 innocent school children including several teachers and staff members at a small town school in Connecticut. That means Heaven accepted 20 new little angels this morning. If your… Read More

8 Tips for Happier Holidays with Your kids It’s time once again to begin preparing for the holidays and gearing up for family, fun and festivals. The kids will be getting excited and be at home for school vacation. Here are eight tips for ensuring a happier holiday season. TIP No. 1: Good Behavior in Someone Else’s Home At some point prior to arriving at someone else’s home for a holiday party,… Read More

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