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  Dear Sarah, What do you think is a good age at which to start giving children chores? Should chores be a requirement for getting an allowance? Signed, Uncertain in Belchertown Dear Uncertain, Ah, chores! This is a hot topic among many of the parents in my practice and one that I have struggled with myself, over the years. I am a big fan of chores for several reasons: Chores teach children… Read More

Parenting Group and Workshops There are a few of free parenting support opportunities for parents and grandparents of preK kids coming up in the Pioneer Valley this Fall: Important Conversations for Parents of Very Young Children Berkshire Children and Families will be hosting a free 8-week parenting group in Northampton on Monday evenings.  Titled, “Important Conversations for Parents of Very Young Children,” the group will provide a facilitated space for parents to… Read More

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