Hilltown Families


Making Memories There’s nothing better than a good old red white and blue, wrapped yourself up in an American flag, July fourth holiday. And nothing says July fourth better than a parade and fireworks. This year proved to be one of the best. Our little village puts on a real-home-town parade, replete with sirening fire engines, antique cars sporting American flags, proud selectmen, a tiny marching band, baseball players, prancing miniature ponies,… Read More

Beth Fairservis of Northampton, MA writes: Join the Fourth Annual Peaceable Planet Mother’s Day Puppet Parade in Northampton, MA on Mother’s Day. The task is simple. Take some time to consider:  How care for our mothers, for our children, for other cultures mother’s and children and care for Mother Earth is important to you. Find an image or words and some kind of medium to express it, like paint, collage, sculpture, a… Read More

V-log: Conway Festival of the Hills by Tom Adams (Hilltown Families Contributing Writer) Join the Adams’ on another family trip … this time to the Conway Festival of the Hills … 10 minutes of quintessential Hilltown Family fun: maple cotton candy, bunnies, dunking booths, a parade and a helicopter ride (well sorta). Perfect thing to do on a beautiful October Sunday afternoon! If you weren’t able to make it, after watching this… Read More

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