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The water is warmer and the ponds, lakes, and rivers are often swelling with water from summer thunderstorms. Whether it’s in a kayak or a canoe, paddling on the open water offers a unique perspective to witness wildlife, get exercise, and recreate outdoors.

So much fun for so little money. It’s as simple as that. We are so lucky to live in a state dotted with an abundance of well maintained state forests and parks. Affordable programs are put in place for us to get as much out of them as possible. *Hint, ask at your local library whether they have free park passes to check out.

Gini from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) lays it all out for us. Get your pens and calendars out, and start scheduling time (s) for the entire family to experience our natural beauty, and connect with nature in your own backyard!

Have your kids ever fantasized about finding buried treasures? Adventure-loving kids’ fantasies can become realized by participating in geocaching and/or letterboxing, activities that lead explorers to a hidden treasures, supports mapping skills, and is time well spent together outdoors as a family, discovering new places around where you live.

Explore the hills of Western Massachusetts – spend an afternoon hiking at one of the many local state forests and parks! The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) offers families an outline of hikes at numerous locations all over the Hilltowns and Berkshires. Hikes make a great summer adventure for families. These outdoor explorations can also supplement students’ studies of local ecology – bring a field guide and learn to identify the many different trees, flowers, etc. that you discover. Check out our post and discover hikes for families in Western MA.

Never Felt Greener “We were really green today.” That’s what my daughter said to me one day early in spring after we had spent the majority of the day outside being active. We had even forgone the car that day and bicycled to and from our destination — the lake, less than a mile away. I don’t think I’ve heard those words since. Not that we didn’t spend a lot of time… Read More

Registration Form HILLTOWN FAMILIES presents Outdoor Adventures for Kids in the Hilltowns Spring 08 Afternoon Program A nine week Monday afternoon (4pm-5pm) adventure program for kids ages 5-7 at the TMO Base Camp in Chesterfield, MA, starting April 7th and ending June 16th, 2008. Led by Program Coordinator, Timothy Vogel of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Through age appropriate activities, young kids will explore their surrounding environment on foot and in a… Read More

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES THIS WINTER IN THE HILLTOWNS What a snow storm! Think about all the fun outdoor adventures your kids will have this weekend either skiing, sledding or snowshoeing. Which reminds me to remind you about the upcoming afternoon program this winter, Outdoor Adventures for Kids in the Hilltowns. Hilltown Families (that’s us!) has collaborated with Tekoa Mountain Outdoors to offer a ten week Monday afternoon (4pm-5pm) adventure program for kids ages… Read More