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Hilltown Family Variety Show New Year’s Peace Episode… Listen to this extended commercial-free podcast featuring music that celebrate peace and light with music from artists like Sweet Honey in the Rock, Brady Rymer, Pete Seeger, Dog on Fleas, Ellis Paul, and many others! What’s your favorite song that celebrates peace? Post it in the comments!

Berkshire County Highlights for Families: February 9th-22nd, 2013 Valentine’s Day is next week and school vacation week is the week after… and we’ve got you covered in Berkshire County!  In our list of events below you will find all sorts of fun activities to do with the kids and even some date night options for the parents!  If you’re looking for winter vacation camp options for the week of Feb 18-22, 2013… Read More

Berkshire County Highlights for Families: January 26th – February 8th, 2013 Ready to shake off those winter blues? There are several events coming up in Berkshire County that will get you moving and having fun! Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts will host National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Winter Wildlife Day happens at the WRLF, and Williamstown’s 10th annual Snowfest will take place too! There will also be ways to supplement… Read More

Berkshire County Highlights for Families: January 12th-25th, 2013 We’re nearly a month into winter with a healthy layer of snow on the ground, a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the Berkshires!  There are several opportunities to dust off and put your snowshoes to good use over the next couple of weeks!  So strap on your snowshoes and select your choice destination for winter fun, including snowshoe race… Read More

Berkshire County Highlights for Families: December 29th, 2012 – January 11th, 2013 The year ends with a flurry of marionette shows, musicals, magic shows, and community theater productions in the Berkshires, and a new year begins with a First Day Hike at the Pittsfield State Forest.  Culture and amazing natural resources to fill your days while we usher out one year and in another! Find out about these events and other community… Read More

Other Bells We Would Ring: A Poem for Parents As I write this the rain is bucketing down out of a sky so gray it feels as if even the weather is conspiring to press home the weight of darkness that this month has ushered in. So much grief is around us, and the idea of bringing forth light seems a fool’s task. Yet the wheel is turning, and I don’t know… Read More

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