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New Music from Brian Vogan & Keller Williams Brian Vogan: Sing a Little Song As much as I like to think of myself as being totally plugged in to the kids’ music scene, lately I’ve been stumbling upon artists that I really should have already been listening to, but I’m only now discovering. That’s OK! I don’t need to be hip—I’m just on a quest for really good family music. I found… Read More

Frances England: Mind of My Own You know when you hear an artist for the first time and they just grab you? That’s what happened for me when I heard Frances England’s new CD Mind of My Own. On the one hand I was upset with myself for never having listened to Frances before, but on the other hand I was excited that she has two other CDs! I immediately ordered Fascinating… Read More

There’s a lot of great new kids music on the scene these days, and a lot of great releases from years past too! Here in this post to “Must-Hear Music Monday,” Amber shared two of her favorite CDs from a few years ago, “The New Explorers Club” by the FLANNERY BROTHERS & “This is Fun” by CASPAR BABYPANTS…

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