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You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Same goes for arts and crafts but then put a toddler at the controls and things can get extra messy! Kids enjoy getting messy to fire up some creative free play…so where can you find balance? Candice has her eye on the ball, sharing a plan to keep it structured in this month’s column, “”Let Them Grow: Fresh Ways to Engage Toddlers in Creative Free Play.”

Congrats to Candice…her first baby has been born!! The toddlers in her daycare are bursting with excitement. Introducing “chocolate chip” (the toddlers’ name for the new arrival) into the toddler ecosystem is now the next step. Candice is armed with insightful ways to approach this. Read on to see how…

Do we keep it in a jar or let it go – Then Get to The Lupa Zoo A parent wrote to me about an incident in which her preschool daughters caught a lizard in the backyard and her husband told them they could keep it in a jar. She told them it was nature and they had to let it go. The girls threw a tantrum and a meltdown ensued. Mom… Read More

Helping Big Brother/Sister Adjust I was in one of those party supply stores the other day and I noticed these special buttons that can be worn by young children who are getting a new baby sister or brother. The buttons read, “I’m The Big Brother (or Sister).” I love these and recommend them often to parents who will be adding a new addition to the family. It’s so easy for adults to… Read More

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