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Help Count Birds for Science during Audubon’s Annual Christmas Bird Count For more than 100 years, Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count, the longest-running wildlife census, has fueled science and conservation action. Each winter, citizen scientists gather in 15-mile-wide circles, organized by a count compiler, and count every bird they see or hear. Their hard work provides valuable insights into population trends for many species that would otherwise go unnoticed and undocumented. Wondering what… Read More

Naturalists and Educators to Know About in Western MA Support your live, local, free-lance, free-range, grass-fed naturalist! Some naturalists and educators are funded by a school or a camp. Others hang up their shingle and take the kids into the woods. This post offers a smattering of freelance naturalists in Western MA. They are people who are highly qualified and experienced educators and naturalists who teach children about their local environment, wilderness… Read More

Bioblitz in the Berkshires Friday & Saturday, June 4th-5th in Pittsfield, MA Celebrating the United Nation’s “Year of Biodiversity,” the Berkshire Museum is holding Berkshire County’s first BioBlitz in Pittsfield State Forest from noon on Friday, June 4th to noon on Saturday, June 5th, 2010. The weekend event will allow scientists and local residents to document the extensive variety of life in their immediate area and see first-hand the diversity and importance… Read More

Bioblitz in the Pioneer Valley Saturday, June 5th in Springfield, MA What is a Bioblitz? A bioblitz is a 24 hour event to find, identify, and record as many species as possible, from microbe to mammal, at a given location. Bioblitzes provide valuable information to park managers and get kids excited about science and the natural world. During the weekend students will head out on various themed nature walks to explore, investigate,… Read More

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