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United States history is a story that intertwines many cultures and peoples. You cannot fully understand U.S. history or American culture without first understanding the impact which Native Americans and European colonists had on each other. The best way to gain insight into a culture is to fully immerse yourself, not only by listening but also by engaging in meals, rituals, musical performances, dances and more. You’re invited to do just that at this Native American Festival at Mount Greylock.

Offered through UMass, the weekly Community Connect discussion series provides adults and teens with an opportunity to explore Native American and Indigenous studies and build community to support further learning surrounding such topics. Such topics include Halloween and building awareness of cultural sensitivity.

Native American Pow Wow this Weekend in Lanesborough, MA Celebrate Native American culture in the Berkshires this weekend at the 7th Annual Rock, Rattle and Drum Pow Wow! The celebration takes place on August 11th and 12th at Wirtes Farm, located at the base of Mt. Greylock in Lanesborough, and will feature music, dance, food, art, crafts, storytelling, and more from Native Americans throughout the northeast. Sample traditional foods like Indian fry… Read More

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