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Camping is the great American tradition where families bond, away from the distractions of daily technologies; and where they can drink in nature, unleashing the explorer within. Camping breeds a love for nature and bolsters an environmental consciousness and is fundamentally a great community-based learning experience for kids.

Every late June, a collective effort to get everyone camping outdoors (even in their backyard) is being promoted by National Wildlife Federation in order to raise funds for conservation. You can go camping anytime of course, so read on learn about the Great American Backyard Campout!

Support the “No Child Left Inside Act” Are America’s children environmentally literate? Today’s overscheduled kids are increasingly “plugged in” to electronic devices and media, while at the same time unplugged from the fundamental and formative experience of nature in their own neighborhood. Their senses–including, sadly, their sense of wonder–are bombarded, overwhelmed and ultimately diminished. On top of this “nature deficit,” many schools are being forced to scale back or eliminate environmental education… Read More

Sign the Petition asking the Surgeon General to promote outdoor time for everyone! Americans are spending less time outside than ever before, and it’s contributing to a decreased understanding of and appreciation for the natural world. Studies show that when children have time for unstructured play and interaction with nature, they benefit immensely. It helps increase understanding of their connection to nature, in addition to improved physical, mental and emotional health. READ… Read More

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