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“We all know that early intervention is best, so from now on I’ll recommend music training to parents and caretakers as a way to jump start an attention to language for all young children,” writes speech-language pathologist, Kathy Puckett, this month in her column, “Time to Talk: Supporting Children’s Language Skills.” — “The big news is that hearing well is very important throughout our lives and there is a pleasurable, fun and researched way to exercise our hearing and auditory brain at any age.” Read on…

Note 25, The Hootenanny I am not one of those “organized activity” parents. I am also not one to push my kids toward music lessons. Well, that’s because 1) I’m not at all musical, and 2) I’m lazy and I don’t want to force my kids to practice. Actually, to be completely honest, not only do I loathe the idea of forcing my kids to practice an instrument, there are many instruments… Read More

Getting Kids to Practice Their Musical Instruments Last fall we ask our readers how they got their kids to practice their musical instrument, generating great feedback on what worked for their families. We then invited many wonderful independent children’s musicians, several of them who have been guest DJs of the Hilltown Family Variety Show, to answer this same question. Their excellent advice ranged from letting them listen to themselves, filling your home… Read More

Recommend a place/instructor in Western MA for kids to take piano lessons: Marya Kozik LaRoche recommends, “Kate Fitzroy Staebler in Pittsfield!” Sarajane Daniels recommends, “Celia’s Voice Studio (Northampton, MA) gives voice and piano lessons. Wonderful!” Emily Clarke Whitney recommends, “Leea Snape at Second Congregational Church in Greenfield. She is great!” Christine Giampietro Bruhn recommends, “‎Northampton Community Music Center.” Jillian Hanson recommends, “Sarah Elston in Haydenville!” Doug Martin recommends, “Barbara Goodchild in Shelburne…. Read More

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