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May Day has rich history. Today, a fully celebrated May Day likely includes May baskets filled with flowers, beautifully dressed Morris dancers, and the wrapping of a May pole. Here we have included three upcoming events in Western MA that celebrate May Day, along with ideas on how to celebrate at home and a short recommended reading list…

Update: Joining the festival this year will be the Juggler Meadow Morris Men and the lovely ladies from the Wake Robin Morris Dancers! Seth Isman, Economic Development Director at the Hilltown CDC in Chesterfield, MA writes: Please join us on May 14th, 2011 at the Cummington Fairgrounds for the Hilltown Spring Festival! There will be music on 3 stages, healthy local food, children’s activities all day long, displays by businesses and artists,… Read More

Being a grocer is hard. You have to anticipate and plan and order things weeks in advance. You have to see into the future. You have to know that if there is a half moon on a Thursday, and the temperature is less than 25 degrees and the humidity is over 65 percent, there will be a rush on curried salsa even if you’ve never sold a jar of the stuff. I’m not kidding, folks.

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