Hilltown Families


The Power of One: Weaned By HF Contributing Writer, Dana Pilson I remember it well, Daisy as a chubby pink baby. She looks up at me with a toothless grin, and then makes a fist with one hand. She opens and closes it, one, two three times. “Hungry, again?” Okay, I pull up my shirt and let her nurse. As usual, she falls asleep in my lap, her face smushed against my… Read More

The Power of One: Experiment of a Large Family BY HF Contributing Writer, Dana Pilson Ophelia the only, says she’s lonely She wants a playmate at home. She has toys galore, often asks for more, But still complains she’s alone. Would a dog or a cat, be the answer to that? Would a pet enliven her room? But dogs bring on wheezes, cats give us sneezes How to cure such sadness and… Read More

The Power of One: Art Smarts BY HF Contributing Writer, Dana Pilson There are few things more wonderful than a child’s creativity. Daisy recently crafted this family portrait from a kit of felt pieces that includes many more children and babies, cats and dogs. Usually her scenes are complicated affairs, large families with scads of children lined up in rows. I love the sparse, crisp quality of this little trio. I find… Read More

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