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New exhibit at the Hatfield Historical Museum illustrates early medical practices in western Massachusetts. Fun way to learn about local history while discovering the history of medicine… from house calls to hoaxes!

QUESTION AND ANSWERS What are your thoughts on genetically engineered food? Are you comfortable feeding food that has been genetically modified to your kids? Do you think it should be labeled? Faye Adamsyes writes, “GM food is synthetic, gross and not nutritious. Label it please.” Robin Morgan Huntley writes, “I don’t have kids, but if/when I do, I will definitely avoid it – I try not to feed it to myself, either…. Read More

Herbs On My Mind. Snow On the Ground. By HF Contributing Writer, Tony(a) Lemos The excitement of Pussy Willows this time of year is an exciting one for many New Englander’s (and transplants too), and even more so for herbalists. The seed catalogs are all dog eared. Lists upon lists have been made. Plans of new gardens have been drawn. Books have been referenced… will this be the year I install my… Read More

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