Hilltown Families


Can’t decide what to have for dinner? Flip a coin! It’s totally reliable, right? Well – maybe not. Families can participate in some mathematically fascinating citizen science by flipping state-themed quarters and recording what comes up each time. Scientists and statisticians have begun to wonder if perhaps newer quarters with varied designs are less reliable than older quarters – and by experimenting at home, you’ll help them get closer to an answer! — Remember to mark your calendars and get ready to support Hilltown Families on Valley Gives Day: December 10th!

Have you ever tried to guess how many pieces of pasta were in a bag, or how many pieces of cereal fell into your bowl? Our ability to estimate amounts like this is based on number sense, intuitive understanding of numbers and amounts. Using Panamath, teens and adults can test their own number sense – and in doing so, will help to provide valuable information for researchers!

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