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It’s lists season. Naughty. Nice. The Year Behind. The Year Ahead. Ever a list maker, Yoga Instructor Ginny Hamilton shifts focus from “doing” to “being,” in this month’s Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting.

Hilltown Families’ contributing writer, Ginny Hamilton, tends to look on the bright side – though she finds beauty, peace, and hope shine all the more in the darkness. In this month’s “Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting,” Ginny explores finding light in darkness and how letting our own light shine helps others do the same.

Constructive criticism is an oxymoron. In “Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting” this month, Hilltown Families contributing writer & yoga instructor Ginny Hamilton, shares her Autumn practice, born out of the nitpicking day to day arguments of a loving marriage.

Relationships… We often find ourselves in them and then they are so much work! Relationships with our children and spouses…they all require a lot of effort on a regular basis. They can be a roller coaster ride, but with an incredible return on investment. In “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second Time Around,” Logan reflects on these relationships and how they may be worth the equal effort.

A Strong Woman “I am going to get married.” This simple sentence was uttered two nights ago while Ila and I were sitting together playing. When I say that this phrase was completely out of the blue (we were playing with a Fisher Price car driving it to and fro on a mat of a city. We were stopping at the store, at the park…and BOOM!!! Out of the blue…there it was…”I… Read More

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