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“Science and the Sea,” a podcast produced by The University of Texas Marine Science Institute on the Gulf of Mexico in Port Aransas, TX, is available online to aspiring oceanographers, climatologists, and marine biologists on the web or via podcast subscription. Listening to ‘Science and the Sea’ can introduce a rich and seemingly endless topic of study into your family, and might even inspire future trips to the beach or an aquarium…

Marine Art Contest for K-12 Students Kids whose favorite artistic subjects are sharks and octopi can put their drawing and identification skills to good use in the Massachusetts Marine Educators’ Marine Art Contest!  Open to students in grades K-12, the contest is open to art related to or inspired by the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.  Located between Cape Ann and Cape Cod, the area is home to marine life from plankton… Read More

JellyWatch! Heading to the ocean this summer?  While you’re there, exploring the sand, rocks, and waves, spend some time being a Citizen Scientist!  Check the beach for jellyfish, squid, and other unusual marine life, and report your findings to JellyWatch! Found at jellywatch.org, the program uses data submitted by Citizen Scientists to create a dataset about beach conditions and populations.  Even if you don’t see any jellies or squid, it is important… Read More

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