Hilltown Families


The far-reaching impact of the Civil War meant that families lived very challenging lives, whether or not they were fighting on the front lines. On Thursday, May 20, Storrowton Village in West Springfield, MA, will offer families a unique experiential educational program into this period with an interactive tour, “Storrowton and the Civil War.” By visiting Storrowton Village for this special event, students will be provided with information essential to understanding the Civil War (and war in general) as a major event, the effects of which are incredibly far-reaching.

Historic Deerfield: That Museum Town My mom and I had a little time on a sunny day a few weeks back and took the kids to Historic Deerfield. To be very honest, I felt like it might be a tough sell. I have three boys. They are 4½, 6 and 11½ years old.  My oldest has been very tween-y lately. My youngest has been very sleepy, running himself ragged at the Parent’s… Read More

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