Hilltown Families


This day and age, the very notion of books being banned is an affront to freedom. This week, you can be a rebel and participate in local Banned Books Week events, both online and out in your community. Even if you don’t, you can check out resources that outline the problem that censorship plays in society today, and raise awareness as to how it stifles creativity and freedom.

This summer, libraries across the state are offering an innovative summer reading program to young readers. Titled “Fizz, Boom, Read!,” the program supports the development of reading and literacy skills, while also allowing participants to explore the intersection of science and the humanities. By combining science with reading, libraries are encouraging children to explore the world of non-fiction writing- opening up endless possibilities for learning and satisfying science-based curiosity. Read on to see what resources are available to you and your children as you support their interests by engaging in your community this summer…

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