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Protest, praise, and physics. In this month’s “Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting,” pain specialist and yoga instructor Ginny Hamilton reflects on rainbows.

Note 13, Civil Rights in Lesbianville The other day I was at our co-op and listening in at the checkout on a conversation between friends about exercise classes. The two women were lesbians and here, where we live in the town that earned its Lesbianville moniker long ago, that’s unremarkable. It struck me that I really like lesbians. Considering where I live, this is a good thing, right? For 18 months, my… Read More

Does your child’s school make the grade? Family Pride offers a Rainbow Report Card, an interactive tool that generates custom recommendations for a family’s situation in schools. Encouraging our schools to be more inclusive each day makes a world of difference in the education of all children. The Rainbow Report Card is only the beginning of a series of projects Family Pride will launch aimed at empowering parents to make change in… Read More

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