Hilltown Families


QUESTION AND ANSWERS Are there subjects/topics you wish schools WOULD teach your kids? How about ones you wish they WOULDN’T? Laura Hoffman replies, “I’m beside myself that they are choosing not to teach cursive anymore…” Tonya Lemos replies, “Wish they did carpentry, more geography and less history… or maybe different history…don’t get me going on this topic!” Soma DiNicola replies, “They should teach sign language.” Jackie Amuso Dolby replies, “I just wish… Read More

Lesson Songs Jeremy Plays Guitar just came out with his new album, Use Your Words, full of songs that teach kids lessons (like how you should use your words rather than whine). It made me think of other fun lesson songs that teach kids about manners, hygiene, or eating healthy in entertaining ways… My favorite song on Use Your Words is House Rules, a song that tells us what “we should and… Read More

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