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The second Sunday in May brings us Mother’s Day, an annual holiday to mark the season while spending time with your favorite mother(s), or mother figure, in your life. Use this holiday as a catalyst for learning about traditions in other cultures that celebrate mothers. Let it also be a source of inspiration for creative gift-giving and nature-based presents!

Our parks are rich in history, botanical beauty, and inspiration! Why not visit one of these local treasures on Mother’s Day? Pack a picnic or plan a hike. Parks, trails, and state forests are not only community-based educational resources that support nature-based learning, but they are also sanctuaries that connect us to our community, our family and ourselves. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon at any of these local treasures!

Poetry Explorations for Mother’s Day

2002 Poet Laureate Billy Collins has been described as “the most popular poet in America” by the New York Times. Collins’ poetry is rich with human emotion told in a way that is quirky and whimsical. His poem “The Lanyard” is a reminder of all the gifts mothers offer to their children, friends, and families – the gifts that are often taken for granted or unrecognized, moments from infancy that are not remembered because we are too young – and yet they are some of the most important and precious gifts ever received. Read Collins’ poem on Mother’s Day; perhaps share it with someone who embodies motherhood for you and reflect on the qualities and unsung gifts you have received from them. Perhaps list them in your handmade card and include a copy of Collins poem as a reminder of gratitude and love.


Download our May/June edition of Learning Ahead: Cultural Itinerary for Western Massachusetts for embedded learning opportunities found in cultural resources that exist within the geography, history, and cultural traditions of Western Massachusetts.


Think about this:

  • How does Billy Collins’ poem, “The Lanyard,” use humor as a way to highlight the immense gratitude the poet feels towards his mother?
  • What non-commercial gifts and activities can you do on Mother’s Day to celebrate motherhood in Western MA?
  • What traditions do you associate with celebrating Mother’s Day?
  • How can we use Mother’s Day as a catalyst for learning about art, ancestry, and women’s history?
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