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Springtime is filled with sightings of all kinds of exciting natural wonders. The season’s outdoor appeal makes it a perfect time of year not only for enjoying our natural surroundings, but for learning about conservation and species preservation, too! Springtime is the season for bird sightings as Western Massachusetts becomes filled with a variety of migrating bird species in the early spring months.

The bird populations in Western Massachusetts have inspired many poets and writers, including William Cullen Bryant and Emily Dickinson, to pick up their pens and compose verses dedicated to our feathered friends, celebrating nature and the land.

What better way to learn more about birds in early spring than in your own backyard! Like poets Bryant and Dickinson, you can observe the birds that frequent your backyard feeder and later reflect on their characteristics to write interesting and poetic descriptions, gaining a better sense of Western Massachusetts’ bird populations and the species with whom you share your natural surroundings. Perhaps you’ll begin to feel inspired similarly to Bryant and Dickinson!

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