Hilltown Families


We’re spoiled in Western Massachusetts! Our summers are a bounty of local agriculture and food. We have the opportunity to eat seasonally most of the year and then winter arrives, the summer farmers’ markets disappear, and our kitchens feel a little lackluster. What do we cook without all of the colorful foods of summer?

One way to get some inspiration for your next winter culinary adventure is to visit living history museums to experience daily living routines and food preparations from the 19th century. Visitors can see firsthand what types of recipes 19th century Americans were preparing during the cold months of the year. In addition to New England culture, other cultures can be explore via community-based resources. Food traditions from fish on Friday to turkey on Thanksgiving are rich in history and a delicious lens for learning about culture.

How do you think your food consumption would change if you were to eat only foods from within 10 miles of your home? What foods would you not have access to and how would it impact your diet seasonally?

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