Hilltown Families


Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against civil injustice and fought for the civil rights of black Americans. His work to create a just and peaceful society is a reminder of how important civic engagement and service is in sparking positive social change and the formation of ethical communities that champion diversity, openness, compassion, and solidarity. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s work, many organizations and volunteers dedicate themselves to a day of community service in honor of his commitment to social justice.

On the 3rd Monday in January, the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day offers families a three-day weekend – a treasure that can be used to engage in meaningful community-based learning opportunities. Families can take advantage of this special day honoring Dr. King’s work and lasting impact on our country by taking part in community celebrations, giving their time to be part of a day of service, or attending educational screenings and performances.

Think about this: How do you define “the power of voice?” How can a speech or words shape or inspire social change? How can rhetoric influence ideas? What are ways in which you can exemplify the value of kindness everyday to help build a more resilient and dynamic community where you live? What causes do you believe in? Where do you want to give your support as a volunteer in Western MA?

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