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QUESTION AND ANSWERS Lori Peters writes, “My son is kindergarten age next year and I am thinking about school options. I know that kindergarten isn’t mandatory in Massachusetts and I am wondering if anyone has tried an alternative program. Are there part-time kindergarten programs in the area? I work full-time so home schooling for that year isn’t a great option. I would love some feedback.” Holly Alexander recommends, “Our son goes to… Read More

Testing of Kindergartners Is Out of Control, Says Children’s Advocacy Group in New Report Studies show standardized tests and test prep are now daily activities in many kindergartens. Why? Molly Holloway, a mother of twin kindergartners in Bowie, Maryland, can’t understand why her children must take standardized tests every month in math, reading, social studies, and science. “One of the teachers has told me that the kindergarten curriculum is what used to… Read More

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