Hilltown Families


Summer is a time to invite, explore and rethink. Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Sarah Mattison Buhl, is rethinking what makes a group dynamic, and how it can be changed for the better.

This month in “Learning Landscapes,” Jen writes: “Permaculture is a fundamental component of our journey back to wholeness, away from the segregated “me” and into the “we.” Permaculture is a flexible and adaptable holistic design approach based on natural laws that allows us to examine and refine our relationships with a whole ecosystem, including ourselves. Utilizing whole system ethics and thinking as a guide, we implement design strategies that integrate and harmonize with the whole system.” Read on…

There are patterns all around us, from the large-scale patterns of our universe to nano-scale of atoms, and in everything we learn. If we work “with” the natural patterns within children and our environments we can transform what it means to learn, educate and be educated. This month in “Learning Landscapes,” Jen shares ways we can rethink and re-imagine how to design the learning landscape and education as a whole by using tools found in permaculture used to design from patterns down to details.

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