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Online Resources to Support East Asian Studies Creating lessons and finding materials to support students’ learning can be easy if you’re working on a popular topic, like the Revolutionary War or simple machines. Finding resources for less commonly studied topics can prove much more difficult, though! Studies of east Asian culture and history can be particularly difficult to teach, as it is a topic not often included in curriculum guides or textbooks,… Read More

Asian Studies Supplemented in the Pioneer Valley Exhibit, Educator Workshop, Guided Tours, Performance Art & Free Family Day Educational opportunities are numerous over the next few months for those interested in teaching and learning about Asian art!  The Smith College Museum of Art in Northampton, MA will be opening a new exhibit on Asian art beginning February 1st through May 26th, 2013.  Titled, Collecting Art of Asia, the exhibit celebrates the 100th anniversary… Read More

Visit the Mead Art Museum and Rethink Your Assumptions About Japan. Older children, teens, and adults have the opportunity to cross the globe, right here in Western Massachusetts. Reinventing Tokyo: Japan’s Largest City in the Artistic Imagination, on view through December 30 at the Mead Art Museum in Amherst, is the first exhibition in the US to approach Tokyo through the lens of the city’s history of continual change and reinvention.  With… Read More

Nola-rae Cronan of Easthampton, MA writes: In response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a group of children ranging from four to ten have joined together to raise money for relief efforts. They have decided to fold 1,000 paper cranes in the tradition of the Japanese legend that guarantees a wish to anyone who folds 1,000 cranes. All proceeds from the sales of each crane will go to the Red Cross…. Read More

Question and Answer Emails are coming in from families in Western MA looking for ways to offer support for the events happening in Japan. Please share your ideas and opportunities here for others to discover. Amy Wilkinson Ware writes: Money, money, money. Give your dollars to a reputable organization such as the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders. It is understandable to want to send something “real” like supplies, but money in… Read More