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How about that “thinking outside the box” concept. It can be an irritating buzzing fly of a term when you are not in an environment to truly stimulate invention, innovation and creativity. Enter: Spark!Lab that drives kids to jump right out of that box and mine the “ideas” part of their creativity, in an environment that demands innovative application. It’s a hands-on learning opportunity that’s fun and innovating! There are only three in the country so far- and one is coming to the Berkshire Museum in Pittfield. Lucky us!

Discover the complex story of Greenfield, a city stamped with impressive architecture, art history, diverse restaurants, community gardens, and an innovative eye to the future, during a day long tour, “Spring into Greenfield: A Trolley Ride Through our Town’s History and Architecture.” This enriching trip weaves together the many aspects of community crucial to the workings of a vibrant and progressive city, and will provide a unique lens into learning about a diverse, yet connect, series of interests!

Science & Innovation Fair in the Berkshires The First Annual Science and Innovation Fair, featuring the work of over 100 student-scientists from Pittsfield High School and Taconic High School, will be hosted by Berkshire Museum on Thursday, February 10th, 2011. Berkshire high school students, who have conducted scientific research and completed engineering projects in concert with faculty advisors, will display the exciting results of their work. The public is invited to view… Read More