Hilltown Families


Children are naturally drawn to explore and understand Nature in their place and time. The reading of, playing with and making of maps and paths helps children develop a connection with and love for Earth. Through active, playful love children are naturally drawn to know more about and take actions to care for Earth.

”Stone age painting” is an opportunity for all, regardless of age, to use and value local resources, celebrate creativity, inquisitiveness and innovation as well as strengthen community throughout the summer and beyond as part of the Summer Creativity Challenge.

There is a common fear that learning through fantasy leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions. It turns out this may also be, according to research, contradictory to the nature of child development. Integrating and valuing fantasy into the learning landscape cultivates a mindset of not either or, but both and more.

This weekend on the Hilltown Family Variety Show (HFVS), Chris & Jessie Apple of the Little Rockers Bank are our guest DJs, taking listeners on a journey into the imagination with a collection of songs, stories and musical games to get your brain bubbling. They’ve assembled a playlist of songs, old and new, to provide the soundtrack for their magical musical tour. Come along, but dress warm, you might get wet!

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