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Post-Irene Updates While not an extensive list, the follow updates have been provide to share information we are receiving:

Eco-Friendly Holiday’s (Web Reviews) Hanukkah: Let There Be (Renewable) Light: A New Look at Hanukkah This site considers “the connection between Hanukkah [Festival of Lights], energy use, and the environment,” and provides “holiday tips and resources for families, schools, and congregations to infuse Hanukkah celebrations with additional meaning,” and “tips for what you can do save energy in your congregation/school and at home.” Includes a “CFL installation ceremony,” an essay about the… Read More

Notes from Nan BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parat First of all, I want to wonder aloud about the phenomenon of people in such a tiny and remote section of the country keeping as close a watch on a hurricane 1500 miles away in the Gulf of Mexico and reporting the latest coordinates as regularly as if they were packing up to evacuate themselves! I was truly touched by how closely people… Read More

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