Hilltown Families


Megan McDonough of Colrain, MA writes: Hi all – It seems hard to believe that it was nearly two weeks ago that Tropical Storm Irene blew up the east coast.  Some people went out the next day and said “what was all the fuss about?” and others said, “Will my life ever be the same? I’ve never seen the water so high …” Some families have lost everything.  Houses washed down creeks… Read More

Post-Irene Updates While not an extensive list, the follow updates have been provide to share information we are receiving:

Post-Hurricane Irene Report So I went down to Shelburne Falls to see all the looters. Big shopping baskets full of well-made crafts being pushed up the hills, disappearing into random houses – but there weren’t any. And I thought, “BOY, these people DO NOT know ANYTHING about hurricanes!” The only person I saw get in trouble was a guy who walked across the iron bridge when it was blocked off. The cop… Read More

Hurricane Irene Report Update You know how much I love going overboard, well, you know this Cajun music festival we’re having on Thursday, September 1st with Joel Savoy and David Greely? Well, I just wanted you to get the full effect of the whole Louisiana atmosphere in late August, so we’re bringing this hurricane up to flavor the experience! But I would also like to say that if a hurricane takes out… Read More

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