Hilltown Families


Volunteer Training for Teens with Horizons for Homeless Children Did you know that one in every fifty children in the United States lives without a permanent home?  Horizons for Homeless Children helps children living in shelters across Western Massachusetts by providing play spaces in shelters (places often not child-friendly and devoid of home-like aspects) and offering volunteers to spend time with kids, playing, reading, etc., in the play areas. Due to the… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS Heather Richardson writes: Anyone know where I can donate toys? My boys just have too many and I’d like to pass them on to someone who could use them either another family, daycare, or charity. I know Good Will does not take them. Thanks! Diane Hinze Kanzler replies: Salvation Army in Turners will take them, I have no doubt. Call ahead. Karen O’Connell Leet replies: You could try Freecycling… Read More

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