Hilltown Families


Bees and flowers have an amazingly close relationship. Flowers need bees to reproduce, and bees need flowers to feed their colonies. Take away one, and the other would disappear too. It begs the question: When it comes to evolution, which came first, the bees or the flowers?

During the spring and early summer, Piti Theater Company’s Bee Weeks will take place in four different communities in Western MA. Each week will bring a Piti production of “To Bee or Not to Bee,” a fun and engaging show that gives children a glimpse into a bee-free life and teaches about bees’ recent plight. “To Bee or Not to Bee” pairs a cautionary tale with clowning, mime, puppetry, music, and audience participation in order to not only teach, but to entertain audience members of all ages. Events taking place in the Pioneer Valley and Hilltowns through July!

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