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The Family Plant Nursery: Homestead-Scale Propagation Projects

I started learning about propagation because I wanted edible and medicinal perennial plants for my budding homestead and I quickly realized that buying them in any kind of quantity would cost more than I was prepared to pay. So my adventure in plant propagation began. I set up a little nursery of desirable species by sourcing cuttings from friends, grafting onto the wild crab apples on my land, and planting seeds. It took way more time than the nursery-bought alternative, and it was not always tidy or efficient, but I learned a ton. Helping plants to grow and reproduce uplifts the spirit, induces a reverence for nature, and can even nourish the body. I hope you will seek the magic out for yourself and share the joy with your family.

Saturday, April 30, 8:30am-3:30pm
There are many reasons to want to get involved in the homesteading movement, a trend towards self-reliance in daily living. Homesteading is multi-faceted and can cover topics such as horticulture, agriculture, textiles, cooking, and carpentry. In learning about these subjects you can also be engaging a host of personal skills such as patience, mindfulness, dexterity, and even chemistry and other S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills. The HAY Conference is a wonderful introduction to many topics for homesteading, as well as the exploration of career paths for teens and adults. Teachers and homeschooling parents will gain ideas for engaging lesson plans. Please register online and indicate which sessions you wish to attend. A list of all sessions and workshops can be found at the Hawlemont Elemenntary School Facebook page. Call 413-339-8316 for more information. Charlemont, MA. ($ – $$$)

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