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American Toada

Have you ever noticed how the chorus of frogs & toads change through the season? Pay attention to their chorus & let it guide your learning!

Springtime outdoor exploration with kids is sure to lead to discoveries of egg masses if you live near still or slow-moving water. There’s a lot to be learned just from examining the egg masses themselves, but there’s even more to be learned by watching the eggs hatch, develop, and grow from a gelatinous cluster into full-sized frogs! Families can schedule regular visits to a pond or vernal pool to watch these future-frogs grow, but it’s much easier to see the small daily changes that occur if the eggs are right inside your home or classroom.

Snake Eating an Egg If you have kids interested in herpetology, grab them to view this 2 minute video that shows a snake eating an egg … with an unexpected ending! Kids interested in learning more about snakes? Check out these on-line resources: Snakes of Massachusetts Herpetology for Kids The Center for North American Herpetology (portal) HF list of snake resources

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