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The thrill of the hunt is fun! Angie found this when searching for violets to come up with a remedy for a sick kid. The thrill of the discovery in the form of a house for sale with a wild lawn is even greater still! Introducing natural remedies to your children is a fantastic way to engage kids on with background on the providing power of Mother Nature, while getting them better.

A generation was raised with the notion that dealing with illness meant popping a pill. Thankfully, the tide has turned and we’re more critical in our assessment of how to support the wellness of ourselves and our children. Learning together in the kitchen about flowers and food that keep kids healthy and strong in the winter (and all months) can lead to some great discussions and possibly even unearth new interests. This month in “Let Them Grow: Fresh Ways to Engage Toddlers in Creative Free Play,” Candice suggest a couple of common folk remedies to share with children to get them engaged in the kitchen and with their own wellness.

Violets You know it’s spring in New England when it snows on Memorial Day weekend, right? As my family made a journey to New Hampshire for this three day weekend, a part of me was sure the odd weather was a blatant sign of the Earth being out of whack… but I was glad there were still spring buds and flowers to enjoy at our vacation destination. Back home in western Massachusetts,… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS We recently asked our readers to share a folk remedy they like to make in the summer months for their families using fresh herbs and plants.  Here are thirty remedies recommended by readers both far and near: “I like to make rhubarb and honey syrup and keep it in the back of the fridge for putting in hot water in January when I have a cold, or when I… Read More

Herbal Medicine for Children and Babies Four Fall Classes at Blazing Star Herbal School Hilltown Families and Blazing Star Herbal School (BSHS) in Ashfield, MA have partnered up to offer one lucky participant free registration for Herbal Medicine for Children and Babies, a series of four classes being offered this fall.  Participants will learn how to raise healthy children, how to prevent compromised immune systems, and discuss both common and and some… Read More

Elecampane syrup can be used as a preventive tonic when approaching the winter season. If someone in your family tends to have colds that go right to the chest, then elecampane is for them! Its expectorant and toning qualities are ideally suited to clearing and strengthening your lungs. This herb can also be used as a specific remedy for colds or flu that involve congested lungs; as well as a general tonic for improving overall lung functioning.

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me! It is easy to make your own non-toxic bug spray by using store bought essential oils. Essential oils are steam-distilled pure concentrates of the natural oils present in plants, flowers, roots, and trees and can be purchased at your local health food store. The high amounts of essential oils that are so often found in store bought natural bug sprays are unnecessary, and can be made at… Read More

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