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Megan Williams, Executive Director of Hardy Girls Healthy Women writes: Hardy Girls Healthy Women (HGHW) is leading a campaign to get California-based clothing company American Apparel to pull their highly offensive and dangerous “Best Bottom Contest” ad campaign. American Apparel is looking for the best bottom in the world to be the “face” of their new ad campaign. They’re inviting girls (18yo & older) to upload pictures of their butts to the… Read More

Dora Falls into Marketer’s Tween-hood Trap She’s been a bilingual world explorer and a problem-solver extraordinaire.  She’s shouted, “Let’s go!” and set off with her compass, backpack, and sidekick monkey.  She’s been a brave, adventurous, resourceful girl. Now, she’s being made over by Mattel and Nickelodeon to be a lipstick wearing ‘tween.  Marketers are giving Dora a complete makeover, and this time, her accessories include eye shadow rather than a map. Hardy… Read More

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