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Angie, took a minute and took stock of her creative canon and what crafts her child has learned at school. The result: a couple of natural material creative projects yielding some pretty crafty results for the Holiday season! Read on for some great some great tips and insights in this month’s edition of “Parenting Green.” — Remember to mark your calendars and get ready to support Hilltown Families on Valley Gives Day: December 10th!

This is an eye-opening piece by Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Angie Gregory, in “Parenting Green” this month. Status quo capitalism provides regular obstacles to addressing the alarming change in the earth’s natural conditions. However, a culture of calling for positive change has had impact and families continue to have a voice that can be heard.

Angie invites our readers to an event in NYC in September called the People’s Climate March that has the potential to be the largest rally of its kind in history. This family friendly event will bring families into contact with like-minded advocates for change. If your family can’t make this event, you can support efforts at home. Angie reminds us that families have a voice, and that your kids can have a voice too!

Here in western Massachusetts, we’ve done well… Where once recycling & reusing was an odd thing, now it’s quickly becoming the norm. There is still much work to be done and habits to change… This month, “Parenting Green” looks at how we can further reduce waste by switching to non-disposable consumption habits, making it a new norm for a new generation. Read on to see how you can lessen your carbon footprint and increase your impact, modeling wise habits for your children to emulate too.

Let’s Hear It For The Bear Apparently no one told the neighborhood bear that the McIlquham’s were making an attempt to live greener and had enough forces working against them in their attempts to do so, so we most definitely did not need his/her help in thwarting our efforts. Really, every time we feel like we are making great strides forward, something gets in the way. The spring sports season rules our… Read More

A Lesson from Brazil The honking of the car horn as they approached the driveway announced their arrival. Max, who had been helping me make the bed, quickly abandoned the task (and me) and bolted down the stairs to greet his friend. Discarding the pillowcase in my hand I quickly followed suit. Menial tasks could wait: Our friends who had just returned “home” after a year in Brazil could not. Arriving seconds… Read More

I’m Going Green Crazy Hilltown mothers of the world would be proud. Two months ago my family embarked on a journey to eat healthier, but as we began our trek through the grocery stores talking about healthy eating, living, BEING it began to spark some interesting conversations. Our family began to talk about the environment. We began to think about how our unconscious stream of living was affecting the environment around us…. Read More