Hilltown Families


During this season of abundance, we are afforded the unique opportunity to strengthen our connections through food and togetherness. In this month’s column, “Our Growing Roots: Real Food, Real Connection,” Cheryl reflects upon how something as simple as a recipe card can unite us across generations.

Sitting down to the Thanksgiving table, surrounded by the abundance of food and connection, is a humble reminder that not everyone is awarded this privilege. It’s this very awareness that inspires us to host a food drive each year at our family business, collecting canned food and other items that we donate to our local soup kitchen. This year, I invite everyone in our Hilltown Families community to give back in some way. Maybe it’s donating a few canned goods from your own pantry, or making cookies for your child’s teacher, or inviting a friend to dinner who would otherwise spend Thanksgiving alone. No matter what you do or what you give, extend your hand and open your heart. All of it matters

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