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“For our family it really boils down to 6 things that we do with a little extra effort to reduce our trash,” writes Angie this month in her column, “Parenting Green: Earth Friendly Ideas for Raising a Family.” Check out what her family does to reduce their consumption and recycle their waste, and post your ideas to in the comment field…

“I am always amazed at how the kids tend to be the ones to notice the pulse of our natural world through their curiosity,” writes Angie this month in ‘Parenting Green.’ What are some of the ways your family stays connected to nature when the winter wind and snow makes you feel like it’s not worth the fight to get bundled up?

Does holiday consumerism & consumption eat at you? This month in “Parenting Green,” Angie shares ideas for gift wrapping alternative that are reuseable and creative. With over 4 million extra tons of waste being disposed of in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years, finding sustainable ways to wrap your gifts is one easy way to put a dent into that number…

Is the guilt of throwing out all that wrapping paper, tissue paper and greeting cards getting to you? It’s too late to start over, but next year consider reusing this year’s wrapping paper or making fabric bag. As for now, here are some ideas on what to do with all that pretty paper:

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