Hilltown Families


Gestures of caring and acts of kindness hold a space of sanctuary during shared meals. In this place of refuge, we can fill ourselves with gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of the world, the authentic connections we can make with one another, and being of service to the universal “me” that resides in the stories of our neighbors, the fruit of the land, and the moments of silence in between.

Through curiosity and compassion, we can move from toxic environments we might find ourselves in during our days or in the evenings to a space of sanctuary, areas where we can be generous with one another and ourselves through nonjudgement and acceptance. Let the generous month of November be a starting point, and shared meals your practice.

This month in “The Good Life: A Year of Thoughtful Seasons,” Sarah’s column is fraught with a unbearably stressful situation. During this crisis and out of the shadows, strangers offer a kind words, pleasant dispositions and encouragements along the way. It’s a touching read of the power of humanity and how it ultimately is our mother ship.

How do we get to a point of being generous…to have that moment where your gaze towards to the world and you think of others. Sarah takes us through the turning of the lens through which we see the world and the things that impact us to make a difference, and to hopefully do it on a consistent basis. — Remember to mark your calendars and get ready to support Hilltown Families on Valley Gives Day: December 10th!

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