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Interestingly, the freedom to read has not always been seen as a freedom. Citing the freedom to read as a part of our Constitution’s First Amendment, the American Library Association hosts a Banned Books Week every year to celebrate the freedom to read. Here is a list from The American Library Association of the top 20 American novels that have been challenged. Why do you think they have been banned or challenged? How many have you read?

The day upon which Texas slaves learned of the Emancipation Proclamation is celebrated today as Juneteenth. Find out about community-based learning events, resources and self-initiated opportunities to learn about history, reflect on freedom & celebrate an important anniversary!

Juneteenth marks an important milestone in our history. Families are invited to events to celebrate the abolition of slavery and to connect to their community via freedom stories recorded by those who experienced this firsthand. It’s a great opportunity for families to educate their children on an immense time in U.S. history and to do so in the context of their own community. It also affords some dialog on how freedom manifests itself in daily aspects of our lives. Read our post on Juneteenth and see what events are near you.

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