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TRUCE Action Guides: Toys, Media & Children It’s Black Friday and many parents have holiday gift buying on their minds.  The discussion of holiday buying looms large in our community, with folks chatting about buying local, buying handmade, and buying non-commercial. Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment (TRUCE), a Massachusetts based group of educators concerned about how children’s toys and entertainment are affecting the play and behavior of kids, has a few guides… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS What can we do as parents (and as a society) to protect and promote creative free play for our kids? Share your suggestions, ideas and questions: Joshua M. Gannon-Salomon shares: “More wild spaces, especially within easy reach of inner cities.” Laura Hoffman shares: “Send them outside!” Andrew DeSiervo shares: “Get out of the way.” Amy Sundari Finlay shares: “Skip the soccer? Not that it’s bad, but, at least in… Read More

Hilltown Families presents… The Importance of Creative Play in a Commercialized World A Community Conversation with Dr. Susan Linn Tuesday, Nov 15th from 7-9pm Meekins Library • Williamsburg, MA Hilltown Families presents “The Importance of Creative Play in a Commercialized World” with Dr. Susan Linn, author of The Case for Make Believe and Consuming Kids on Tuesday, November 15th from 7-9pm in the Hawks~Hayden Community Room at the Meekins Library, 2 Williams… Read More

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