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Food Security in Summer Months in Western MA For children across America, the end of school means the end of book reports and spelling tests, and the end of school breakfast and lunch-their most reliable source of nutrition. In Western Massachusetts, 38,870 kids don’t always know where they will get their next meal. That’s one out of every five kids in the region. Across the country, more than 16 million children live… Read More

On Saturday, Sept 15th, Hilltown Families partnered with The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts for a field trip that combined both service-based and community-based learning. Our field trip involved a tour of The Food Bank in Hatfield, MA, led by The Food Bank’s Education Coordinator, Molly Coon. Families got to see the facility up-close and learn how The Food Bank operates, who it serves and individuals can support their mission. The group played… Read More

Berkshire County Digs in to Assist Local Food Pantries The first items that many individuals reach for when donating to a food drive or food pantry are canned or boxed non-perishable items. Now many community organizations in Berkshire County are reaching for shovels as a means to stretch donations and provide those in need with a source of nutritious, organic, locally-grown produce. Each Tuesday morning the parking lot at the Berkshire Community… Read More

Hilltown Families Field Trip The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts Saturday, September 15th at 1:30pm At the beginning of the summer we wrote about the benefits of families, schools and organizations taking an organized field trip The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts in our post, Visit The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts: A Community-Based Educational Field Trip for Kids. We mentioned that Hilltown Families would be organizing a field trip in September… Read More

Western Massachusetts Libraries Work to Banish Hunger In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, residents of Panem, a future country based in the ruins of North America, struggle to survive while working to support the glamour and riches of the capital. Each year, residents of the poverty-stricken districts are forced to choose two children between the ages of 12 and 18, to participate in the Hunger Games, a brutal contest where the… Read More

Hilltown Families collaborated with The Food Bank of Western MA in compiling a list of kids books on the topic of food security/scarcity for their Youth Action Hunger program. We asked our readers to share their favorite children’s book that touches on the topics of hunger, soup kitchens, food banks, homelessness, etc. See what titles our readers had to recommended, both for children and adults…

Visit The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts: A Community-Based Educational Field Trip for Kids The summer or fall is a great time to bring your children to visit The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, along with their friends, school groups or clubs to learn more about an organization that plays a BIG role in our communities. There are 350 local organizations, including pantries, kitchens, shelters, youth programs, and senior centers, who rely… Read More

New Website for The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts After months of development, The Food Bank is proud to announce the launch of the organization’s new website. Check it out at http://www.foodbankwma.org. In addition to providing the same in depth information on the history and mission of The Food Bank that was previously available online, the new site is easy to use for anyone who would like to: volunteer donate sign up… Read More

Christmas Day Dinner Delivered to Williamsburg Families Photo credit: (ccl) kaytethinks. Manna Soup Kitchen Volunteers will deliver Christmas Day dinner to Hilltown families living in Williamsburg who cannot come to the Christmas Day Dinner at the Edwards Church, or get out and enjoy Christmas with others. This service is new this year to Williamsburg.  Other service areas include Northampton, Easthampton, Florence and Leeds. All deliveries must be pre-ordered.  To place an order,… Read More

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts writes: The Massachusetts House Ways and Means has cut MEFAP by $4 million (33%) in its proposed fiscal year 2010 budget beginning July 1st. MEFAP is important because hungry children need good nutrition to do their best in school.  The elderly have medical needs that are exacerbated when they go hungry due to lack of food. MEFAP keeps people healthy and reduces public health costs.  MEFAP… Read More

The The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts writes: TAKE ACTION AGAINST HUNGER AND STIMULATE THE ECONOMY! Call your Representative and Senators TODAY. Urge them to vote “yes” to pass the current economic recovery package. Tell them the nation needs it! The plan includes: an important boost in Food Stamp benefits – now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – and additional funding for food assistance to food banks like The Food… Read More

HAPPY THANKSGIVING As we celebrate the harvest season this week, it would be a great time of the year to show our kids how we can share with our neighbors. Donating food to your local food bank is one fine way to do so. If you’d like to reach out to other families in our area that are in need, there will be a Food Drive to benefit the Hilltown Food Pantry… Read More

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