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Latino Folk Tales: Cuentos Populares Art by Latino Artists March 26 through June 9, 2013 Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Arts in Amherst Even though the world is filled with hundreds of cultures, each sharing unique traditions and language, folk tales remain a constant around the globe. The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA is showing an exhibit filled with illustrations from Latino folktales published for children…. Read More

The Tradition of Pisanski Eggs We all know about the American tradition of Easter eggs – the three dimensional ovals that come in many varieties, from jelly beans to hard boiled.  They’re no match, however, for Pisanski eggs.  These eggs – that you would never dream of eating – are beautifully decorated using beeswax and vibrant (yet non-edible) dyes.  A tradition from eastern Poland and Ukraine, rich in history, Pisanski eggs are… Read More

Christian Folk Art from India Dec. 12th-16th, 2011 Augusta Savage Gallery at UMass The Augusta Savage Gallery at the University of Massachusetts’ Fine Arts Center will be hosting a show of Christian Folk Art from India opening with a reception on Monday, December 12th from 5-7pm and running through December 16th. Each piece in the collection is a painted cloth scroll depicting a Christian story or concept- the scrolls were used by… Read More

Not only can this traditional Russian icon be used to educate your kids about fertility and motherhood, it can also be used to teach them about world culture and customs too.

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