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Sophia Flips the Classroom with New Social Education Platform Are there topics that you want your kids to learn that haven’t yet been (or aren’t) covered in their school’s curriculum?  Are you a teacher looking for online information to supplement your student’s textbook or classroom notes, or a place to share your own curriculum?  Are you a homeschool or unschool learning facilitator wishing you had a map of topics in multiple disciplines? Sophia,… Read More

Education Reform, One Video at a Time Hollington Lee of Hatfield, MA writes: You never know what crazy thing listening to someone else’s ideas will inspire. In my case, as a public high school teacher, it inspired me to produce close to 60 short videos (yes, 60!) of MCAS math practice questions for 3rd and 4th graders. A fellow teacher and friend asked me what could have possessed me, a science teacher,… Read More

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