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Local bike ride modeled after rides across the pond, bring placemaking to the streets while raising funds and learning through the lens of history!

Differing from regular mending in that it’s meant to be seen, visible mending offers a creative take on clothing repair. Possible to do with just a few basic sewing skills, visible mending offers a great fix for the inevitable rips, tears, and threadbare patches that well-loved clothing inevitably experiences – plus it’s an easy way to upcycle!

Clearing out your closet will make you feel better and will enable you to find the essence of your style. Read how Project 333 can challenges teens (and adults!) to scale back their wardrobe while supporting awareness in consumerism, community service and collaborative consumption.

Westfield State University’s Arno Maris Gallery presents “Threads that Bind,” a Middle Eastern textile exhibit. This exhibition inspires further discussion both about textile and fabric arts as well as Muslim culture and the representation and daily lives of Islamic women. See our discussion questions for ideas to spark conversation with your kids and/or students…

The Kimball-Salisbury Women: Chicago to Tor Court Local History & Fashion from the Gilded Age Arrowhead in Pittsfield, MA Learn about the Gilded Age’s local influence at the Berkshire Historical Society at Arrowhead!  The historical society is hosting an exhibit of items and artifacts from the lavish time period, including exquisite gowns worn by and photographs of the Kimball-Salisbury family, owners of one of the many Gilded Age “cottages” found in the… Read More

Empowerment by Art: Hilltown Families Checks Commercial Fashion In the wake of JCPenney’s “I’m too pretty to do homework” and Forever 21 “Allergic to Algebra” t-shirt debacle, this past Friday Western MA families came together to pushback against commercial fashion and corporate marketers in the Hilltown Families event, “I Am Not A Billboard!” Presented by Hilltown Families and hosted by The Art Garden, a newly formed non-profit in Shelburne Falls, grandparents to… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS Kids (even adults) are going crazy over Silly Bandz! What are your thoughts on this new fad? What do your kids think about them? Sandie DeLuca Richardson wrote: Over priced colorfully shaped rubber bands… seriously Marianne Bullock wrote: Stupid. Lisa Beskin wrote: If we ever passed them in the store we’ve never see the bag of stringy plastic. A few weeks after that I saw a story about them… Read More

Sex in the City Village I was in New York City on Wednesday! They have lots of well-dressed people there and lots of windows for you to look into while you’re walking so you can see if what you put on that morning looks like what you thought it was going to. It doesn’t look as cool as you thought it was going to in the first window you pass, but they… Read More

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