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It’s a distinct American tradition to see those all familiar boxes pop up into our lives. Girl Scout cookies…many of us have our favorite types, right? They represent a tremendous amount of teamwork and focused efforts by young girls to raise money. Hilltown Families contributing writer, Sarah Buhl, is a girl scout leader. Read her insights into the positive impacts she witnesses of this beloved American tradition….what’s your personal favorite?

How about that “thinking outside the box” concept. It can be an irritating buzzing fly of a term when you are not in an environment to truly stimulate invention, innovation and creativity. Enter: Spark!Lab that drives kids to jump right out of that box and mine the “ideas” part of their creativity, in an environment that demands innovative application. It’s a hands-on learning opportunity that’s fun and innovating! There are only three in the country so far- and one is coming to the Berkshire Museum in Pittfield. Lucky us!

Middle and High School Students Invited to Create and Operate Games at the 5th Annual Hilltown Spring Festival Middle school and high school students are invited to participate in the fifth annual Hilltown Spring Festival, which will take place this year on May 14th at the Cummington Fairgrounds. Students are encouraged to create games which can be played by younger children. The youthful game creators may charge a fee to each player… Read More

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