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In order to promote social and emotional growth in children of all ages, families can explore the practice of empathy as a means of honoring Valentine’s Day. Offering a non-commercial way to spread love to others, Valentine’s Day empathy is a holiday lesson that can last a lifetime.

Reading up on mindfulness and empathy is a powerful way to understand and reflect on our own mindfulness practice and our how to work within our current divisive paradigms.

Summer reading is a wonderful chance to engage your children with a love of reading, and recent research suggests that reading fiction is also powerful tool for strengthening our empathy muscles.

Cognitive empathy means considering another’s perspective. And in a world where rushing to judgement has never been easier, strengthening our empathy muscles matters more than ever.

Winter can be a cruel season. We can become rigid and turned inwards, and maybe we don’t practice empathy as much as we should. In this month’s “The Good Life,” Sarah is inspired by her friend’s declaration of March as ‘non-judgement month’…Read on why and find the good sense!

Mean Girls, At Age 3 “Go home, Ila!” Those three words, said by a three year old no less to my sweet-natured, well behaved, lovely, and special daughter (all right, all right I may be a tad biased…) made me squeeze the life out of my steering wheel from rage as it was relayed to me by that beautiful girl of mine on the way home from a grocery store visit. I… Read More

And Then They Grow Up…. Something happened this week in my home.  Something so rare I am afraid I may make other parents of teen boys jealous.  But then again, telling you about this rarity make give some of those same parents some hope for the future.  What I have to tell you might shake the teenage world as we know it.  It is so earth shattering, earth shaking, earth quaking that… Read More

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